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( Warning: not recommended for people who like polished games )

NEST 2 a simple, but intense arcade game for the PICO-8 fantasy console. Rotate and dash all around the grid, nullifying enemies quickly to increase your CHAIN while avoiding spikes on a mission as old as time itself: beating your high score!


  • Colorful, easy to read visuals
  • Simple and short but fast and varied action
  • Reactive chiptune music that changes depending on your performance
  • Change and disable game elements in the Options menu to make your experience as readable or as flashy as you want!


  • LEFT KEY      ----- Rotate COUNTER-CLOCKWISE
  • RIGHT KEY  ----- Rotate CLOCKWISE
  • X / C / Z / V   ----- Dash to opposite side (opposite point on triangle and pentagon)
  • RETURN / P ----- Pause + secondary options

Tips and tricks:

  • Every time you dash, a tiny bit of your CHAIN timer refills! Dash around the grid quickly instead of rotating to keep your CHAIN going!
  • Spikes explode after some time. This clears the way for you AND it blows up nearby enemies in the process!
  • Clear the board in a single carefully-timed dash to earn bonus points!
  • If you nullify an enemy before hitting the spike, you also destroy the spike. This is called a Spike Skip, and it's worth bonus points, too!

Special thanks:

Gruber for the music in PICO-8 Tunes Vol. II. The gameplay music pieces are "remixed" versions of Like Clockwork. The title screen and results screens are my own compositions (thus the drop in quality) with the help of Gruber's tutorials.

Post your high scores! :)


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NEST 2 For PICO-8 35 kB
NEST 2 For Windows 1 MB
NEST 2 For macOS 3 MB
NEST 2 For Linux 654 kB
NEST 2 For Raspberry Pi 1 MB
NEST 2 For Android 1 MB
NEST 2 HTML Source 444 kB


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UPDATE: The issue below (as well as various others) have/has been fixed!

I am really sorry for your inconvenience, I hope you'll still give the game a try sometime. :)

[Error] After mashing x buttons, then some kind of an error occurred.

Hmm... that's unusual. It's an error related to not being able to draw the guide on the grid...

Thank you for reporting this, I'll try to look into it. Sorry for the poor experience. :/

(1 edit)

Actually, finding bugs in other person’s program is a quite great experience for me ;)

same here, although the game does look cool, very simplistic, as pico games tend to be.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago