The tables have turned!

After many years of the Balls aggressively destroying the Blocks, now it's your turn to defend!


  • Fast-paced, button-mashing heavy, but strategic action
  • new take on an old classic
  • Clear and colorful graphics


  • Arrow Keys to move cursor
  • to place a block
  • to use a Time-Stop Bomb


  • Score Attack - 60 seconds of pure button-mashing action. You are graded on the amount and position of the blocks you've placed, as well as how many are left when time ran out and how many Time-Stop Bombs you've had. - This is the recommended gamemode for starters.
  • Time Attack - How long can you last against a barrage of balls? Blocks automatically break after some time and you lose when there are no blocks on the board.


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BREAKDOWN for PICO-8 (Documented Source) 31 kB
BREAKDOWN for Windows 869 kB
BREAKDOWN for Linux 486 kB
BREAKDOWN (HTML Source) 364 kB

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This has quite a bit of juice for a PICO-8 game!

Nice game! im in love with the effects and the game concept!♥

Thank you so much! 😊