Update v1.2

Welcome to Update v1.2!


  • Switched to a 4-way control scheme
The problem about the controls is mostly negated due to the new 4-way controls system. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  • Added "Overheat"
The original controls were intended, so that the player couldn't hold right and spam dash to clear a round in half a second. Now, if you press the dash button too fast consecutively, you go into a short-term Overheat mode, where you cannot dash and move slower for a couple seconds.
  • Added Shielded Enemies
Another problem with previous versions of NEST was that the player had no reason to switch from the horizontal rails to the vertical one and vice versa. Now, most enemies can only be defeated from one side, so the player has to use all rails to succeed.
  • Minor difficulty adjustments
This includes hitbox fixes, timer adjustments and sound changes.


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