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Controls are confusing but the game is really cool, nice work :)

The concept is pretty good, as well as the effects you made, but I think the controls are a bit confusing (even more when you're on sides and top of the box). I think aside of that, is a cool game.

Oh, also, the background is a bit distracting when you're playing, I would avoid using it, or maybe change it for a static version.

Nice job! <3

Thanks for playing! :)

You are right, I will remove the moving background, it really disrupts the flow of gameplay.

I understand your problem with the controls, and I can see how they can be confusing, but if the directions reversed after dashing (the first version) then you could just hold the X button while pressing Right/Left to dash on every pixel and clear a stage instantly.

I'm no game design god, maybe I should add a cooldown to the dash? We'll see...

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Or maybe add something that makes the player die if it's hit. So you avoid the dash spamming ! (Just giving some ideas)

Hmm,that’s interesting... Maybe I’ll try that one! Thanks!